Why Choose Stucco?

Design flexibility

Because it can be shaped and textured, stucco complements many architectural styles, from sleek modern and farmhouse designs to rustic Mediterranean or ornate Spanish styles. In addition, stucco can be textured from a fine sand finish to a heavy old-world finish.


Colour choice

There are thousands of options when it comes to colour choices, especially with acrylic stucco. We can match your stucco colour to any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint. And if you get tired of the colour you choose, you can easily paint the stucco.



It is not uncommon for properly installed stucco finishes to last 50 years or longer, while vinyl siding usually only lasts 20 years, at best.


Fire resistance

Cement stucco that is ⅞” thick provides a one-hour fire rating - meaning it will prevent the spread of fire from one side of the wall to the other for at least one hour.


Hail resistance

Often, stucco buildings come out of a hail storm unscathed while their vinyl-sided neighbours are shredded. If the stucco is damaged, it is generally easy to repair with a fresh finish coat on the affected walls.  


Low maintenance

You don’t have to worry about painting (unless you want to change up the look of your home). You also don’t have to replace panels that blow off in a strong wind, as often happens with vinyl siding.  


Insect proof

Unlike siding, stucco is a solid surface, meaning there is no place for insects to enter and hide. Homeowners find this a great benefit, especially in agricultural areas where flies are a problem. We have replaced the siding on many rural houses and found that the wall is black from flies. Once replaced with stucco, homeowners find the fly population is significantly reduced. 


Home insurance benefits

Insurance companies give stucco homes a better rating factor because they are less prone to damage and are more fire-resistant, resulting in insurance savings.

Improve your curb appeal

With stucco, you can improve the look of your home and, in turn, its value.

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