Answering Your Stucco Questions

Can you paint stucco?

Yes, you can paint over existing stucco. L&B Stucco can also help you update the look of your home with our painting and stucco repair services.

How is stucco applied?

There are different application techniques depending on whether it is traditional or acrylic stucco. For the actual application, L&B Stucco applies our products with the use of trowels. With a trowel, we can produce any pattern that you would like created.

The layers for traditional stucco include: building paper, metal lathes, the first coat (cement-based), a brown coat (cement-based) and then the finish coat (either acrylic or cement-based)

The layers in acrylic stucco or EIFS application include: styrofoam, an acrylic base coat with fibreglass mesh, a second base coat and lastly, the acrylic finish coat.

How do you clean and care for stucco?

While stucco is very durable and requires minimal maintenance, it is important to care for your siding to help it last longer. You can clean your stucco siding with your garden hose or even with a power washer. We also recommend that you repair any damage quickly before cracks can spread.

Can you repair stucco?

Yes! Stucco can be repaired. L&B Stucco can assess any damage to your existing siding, and we can repair any cracks or chipping.

Is it normal for stucco to crack?

It is normal for small cracks to form in stucco. Often cracks are caused by buildings settling and shrinkage-related stress. However, if you have larger cracks or they are frequently developing, you should enlist the help of an experienced stucco contractor to fix any damage.

Is stucco durable?

Stucco is very durable. It has been proven to last longer than other types of sidings. With proper maintenance, stucco can last for 50+ years. Stucco is also the only type of siding that is fire and moisture-resistant.

How much does it cost to stucco a building?

The cost of stuccoing depends on the building’s size and the type of stucco (traditional vs acrylic). If you send us your structural drawings or your address, we can provide you with a quote.

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