Stucco Repair

It can be an eyesore if your stucco is cracking or chipping off. Outside elements can damage stucco over time if another contractor did not correctly apply the siding or used a lower-quality stucco product. Stucco can also stain from high temperatures or rainfall. Therefore, it is necessary to employ the help of a stucco expert to ensure any damage to your home’s exterior is appropriately repaired and doesn’t lead to any further damage to the rest of your home.

L&B Stucco has decades of experience working with stucco; we can assess and repair any type of stucco damage. We can assist with spot repairs, or L&B Stucco can completely re-stucco your home.

Also, if you are looking for a change or your existing stucco’s colour is inconsistent, our team can help with repainting your stucco.

So, whether the stucco itself or the metal mesh is lifting off your home or you want an update, L&B Stucco can assist with our stucco repair services.

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